Molina Twins: Fool on the Hill, Lennon/McCartney - arranged for two guitars by Leo Brouwer.
Meet Paola and Evelyn Molina, together The Molina Twins, classical guitarists studying with Eliot Fisk at New England Conservatory. From the time they were tiny in their home in Guatemala, the twins have played music together, and since their arrival at NEC, they have explored new techniques, learned ways to experiment with music, and have taken advantage of opportunities to teach as well as bring their music out into the greater Boston Community.
"Don't come here if you don't want to really discover things you didn't know you had inside of yourself." So declares Eliot Fisk of New England Conservatory's guitar faculty. NEC is a place where guitarists have the freedom and room to grow through music, to explore and take advantage of the opportunities present at NEC and in Boston, and to take part in an open and collaborative community of artists.
French Christmas Carol from the 17th century performed by the Molina Twins on classical guitars.
Go Fund Me: "Twin Guitars" Project by Molina Twins
Twin Guitars by Molina Twins- Go Fund Me - Part II

Performance Seminar (Classical Guitar) at NEC

Performance Seminar (Classical Guitar) atNEC